Party In The USA: So reagiert die Musikwelt auf den Wahlsieg von Joe Biden

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Kamala Harris & Joe Biden
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Am Ende war es doch nochmal enger, als viele erwartet hatten: Das Rennen um die US-Präsidentschaft entwickelte sich in der vergangenen Woche zu einem echten Krimi. Nachdem sich Amtsinhaber Donald Trump voreilig bereits selbst zum erneuten Sieger erkoren hatte, war am 7. November gegen 17 Uhr unserer Zeit klar: Joe Biden hat die Wahl gewonnen.

von Christina Wenig

Bidens Amtszeit wird am 20. Januar 2021 offiziell beginnen, schon am Wochenende feierten jedoch Millionen Menschen den historischen Sieg des Demokraten und seiner künftigen Vize-Präsidenten Kamala Harris.

Auch in der Pop- und Rockwelt wurde dieses Ereignis natürlich nicht unkommentiert gelassen. So reagierten Paul Stanley, Tommy Lee & Co.:


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Congratulations to President Elect Joe Biden and trailblazer Kamala Harris !!! It’s been hard for me to stay silent over the last few days, weeks, months, but I felt it would be wrong to interfere in even the smallest way in the politics of another country. But there is a part of me that will always be rooted in the USA – I love America and have felt profound pain watching its freedoms and decency being eroded. I can now finally speak up. I feel massive joy – I see this is a victory for the people by the people – and hopefully just in time to make it possible to start to heal the terrible damage that has been done to the American Nation and its standing in the World in recent times. I’m thrilled for my dear American friends, that they have taken this step to reclaim compassion, justice, truth, accountability, and dignity. I’m well aware that America is split as to whether Trump as a president was a Champ or a Chump. But what you guys will discover over the next few weeks is that the rest of the world was NOT split. The whole world, like me, is rejoicing with you at this moment – feeling that we are getting our best friend back – our friend America. Yes – I will pray for unity and decent debate, with some great Rebublicans sharing the work load in the new regime. And – Yes – at last – the United States of America can again be Champions of the World !!! Bri 💥💥💥💥 hmmm …. I just tried to ‘pin’ a nice comment from a Republican guy and deleted it by mistake. Damn ! Apologies – I don’t know how to undo this action. I gotta say thanks to many of you on this page who supported Trump but have cut me some slack. My prayers are for unity in the future – and I’ll do what I can to foster reconciliation and tolerance. It’s a New World – let’s make it a better one. Bri

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We have a lot of work to do , the people have spoken and I have all the confidence in the world in us…we’ll get there!!

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